Getting The Best From
Your Cleaning Company

Getting The Best From Your Cleaning Company

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Office Cleaning melbourne

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Office Cleaning Melbourne

There are many advantages to outsourcing commercial cleaning Melbourne office space. The most obvious benefit is that it allows you to focus entirely on those things about your business that generate income. You may have an in-house accounting department and you may have an in-house promotional department. You do not need to have people on staff taking care of your office cleaning requirements. Here are four benefits of outsourcing that task:

1 – Quality Of Service

Regardless of how good you may be with a broom and dust pan, a commercial cleaning service specialises in this industry because they are good at it. It is also all they do. Because cleaning is their service, commercial cleaning services will have the proper tools for the job and a level of quality control that you may not be able to reach with consistency. They won’t forget to wipe a surface that you may if you are pressed for time.

2 – Saves You Money

If you are not sure how an office cleaning Melbourne company can save you on keeping your office and surrounding area sparkling fresh, imagine an in-house cleaner. In addition to having to pay the office cleaning crew, you will need to provide them with the equipment and tools required for the job. Outsourcing the cleaning reduces or eliminates many of these costs.

3 – More Than Just Vacuuming

When you outsource your commercial cleaning Melbourne office space it gives you a lot more choices than just keeping the workspace and bathrooms clean. A commercial cleaning company can provide you with window cleaning, kitchen cleaning, parking lot cleaning and many more general maintenance programs. All of these available from a single commercial cleaning service.

4 – Mood Enhancing

Suppose your office does not have a regular cleaning service. Chances are that everyone ends up having to pitch in to do their part. Some will do a relatively good job where others will not. Sooner or later the impact of a sometimes-clean, sometimes-not-so-clean office will have an effect on productivity. It won’t be fun working in that setting after a while.

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oscar white® has been office cleaning Melbourne for since 2006 and we are the best at it. If you are considering outsourcing your office cleaning chores, give us a call. We would be happy to discuss our cleaning program options with you. Let us keep your office clean so you don’t have to do it yourself.

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Window Cleaning Melbourne... How Often Should I Have My Windows Professionally Cleaned?

Window Cleaning... How Often Should I Have My Windows Professionally Cleaned?

Just like at your place of residence, office windows require regular cleaning. It is one of many services we provide when commercial cleaning Melbourne office space. However, the frequency in which those windows need to be professionally cleaned varies depending on the type of facility and where it is located. Let’s first look different building types:

1 – Retail Storefronts

Businesses that are competing for their share of foot traffic have an image to maintain. With window displays and signage used as primary advertising, monthly cleaning of street level windows would be sufficient.

2 – Office/Commercial

Office buildings are usually taller so most windows are not at street level. These can be commercially cleaned twice a year. Lobby windows, where traffic is higher, will need monthly attention.

3 – Health Clinics

Doctor’s offices, hospitals and clinics require a clean appearance at all times. However, the windows will be fine if cleaned on a monthly basis.

4 – Food Services

Restaurant windows need to be cleaned more frequently than any other business. The higher humidity in such buildings dirty windows quickly and twice a month or more is the general guideline.

Office cleaning Melbourne windows is a little more challenging when you factor in the location of the buildings being cleaning. The environment the windows are subjected to outside is as important to the condition of your windows as is the indoor environment. Here are some examples:

1 – Rainy, Wet Weather

Mineral deposits that collect on exterior windows from rain will increase the frequency in which they will need to be cleaned. Weather is one factor beyond your control and may alter cleaning costs.

2 – Curb Appeal

Trees, shrubbery, plants and a large parking lot all play havoc with the condition of building windows. Birds, insects and dust result from these items that provide beauty and function to any facility. They will also add to your window cleaning budget.

3 – Location, Location, Location

A busy urban street or a quiet rural neighborhood will have an effect on the way in which your office windows will get dirty. As a rule, urban area buildings will require more frequent attention than rural.

For Commercial Cleaning Melbourne Windows... Call Us

oscar white® is known for office cleaning Melbourne with high standards. Our cleaning programs include windows – both inside and outside – to keep your business image sharp and bright. For information on our window cleaning services, or any other cleaning services we offer, contact us today on 1300 OSCARWHITE (1300 672 279).

What Types of Cleaning Are Included in Office Cleaning Services in melbourne

What Types of Cleaning Are Included in Office Cleaning Services

The challenge of commercial cleaning Melbourne office space is knowing what types of services are provided by a professional janitorial company. Each building and setting will have different requirements but all should contain the basics. Here is a closer look at what you should have on the checklist of cleaning duties for the service you hire to clean your business:

1 – Floors/Floor Coverings

As this is where most of the traffic travels in and around your business, the surface of all floors and carpets require regular cleaning. Vacuuming, mopping and sweeping daily will reduce dirt accumulation. Shampooing should also be in a regular rotation.

2 – Clean Views

Windows and window coverings have a lot to do with how clean an office looks from the inside or outside. Plus, when the windows are clean they allow maximum levels of natural light to come indoors. This keeps the office looking bright and fresh.

3 – Germ Control

The best way to reduce bacteria growth is by cleaning all surfaces in common areas. Desks, chairs, bathrooms, meeting rooms and anywhere else staff or customers tend to go are potential germ farms. Cleaning with disinfecting products will do the trick.

4 – Entrance/Exit

When office cleaning Melbourne businesses one important location that requires careful attention is the entrance/exit doors. Rugs and mats at those locations capture dirt and the handles are touched by everyone passing through the doors.

5 – All Other Spaces

By disinfecting every other location within the office space, germs don’t have a chance. This also keeps the workspaces clean and healthy for those individuals working on their own. Add to this cleaning of all equipment used on site and sick days will be reduced.

6 – Time To Vent

Commercial cleaning Melbourne offices should also include the heating and air conditioning system. The venting in the average building traps and recycles airborne bacteria and feeds it back into the workspace. Filters should be replaced regularly and the entire duct system cleaning annually.

Office Cleaning Melbourne Checklist

At oscar white® we have a long history of keeping commercial office spaces clean and germ free. That’s because we know a clean office is a healthy office. To find out more about the cleaning services we provide, contact us today for details. Call oscar white® for your commercial cleaning requirements.

How To Find a Good Office Cleaner

How To Find a Good Office Cleaner

When you are looking for a company for commercial cleaning Melbourne office space, you will want to find the best for your specific requirements. Not every building or restaurant is the same so there are going to be variables that come into play. However, there are also a few basic requirements to help you narrow down your choices.

Here is a list of four key points to help with that decision:

1 – Quotes

Before you start to focus on what company has the best to offer, you need to see what it will cost for the work you have planned. So, you first step in the process is to have each cleaning company in your area visit the location you want cleaned so they can give you an accurate quote on the job. Office cleaning Melbourne commercial space can cover a lot of specifics ranging from dusting, mopping, vacuuming and any other chore related to the space you wish cleaned.

2 – Paperwork

Paperwork is an important piece of the puzzle and when you are looking to hire a commercial cleaner, there is some paperwork that should be in place. It will include insurance coverage. The level of insurance is up to you but liability would be a must. Additional paperwork you will want to examine is written references from current and previous customers. Phoning a few to confirm details provided would allow you to ask questions if you have any that need answering.

3 – Contract

The working arrangement has to be spelled out in a contract. You should request to see what kind of contract exists with each company you consider. Details on the work specifics will be required, length of contract, whether or not a trial period exists and how can the contract be renewed or cancelled are all items to review. Pricing and length of term (month-to-month, quarterly or annual) will need to be discussed and agreed upon as part of the contract as well.

4 – Experience

The final detail that may be important in deciding on one cleaner from another is how long they have been in business. The longest operating one won’t always win out as you are looking more for a company with experience in your specific cleaning requirements. A new company with experienced staff may be your better choice. Regardless, you will want to look at the overall skill and time in this field as your measuring stick in making your final decision.

For Office & Commercial Cleaning Services Melbourne Contact Us!

Whether you are in need of a company for restaurant, commercial or office cleaning, Melbourne has a number of great businesses in operation. oscar white® has been in the cleaning industry for years and we bring a great deal to the table. When you are looking for a professional cleaning service, include us in your search.

Call oscar white® today on (1300 OSCARWHITE) 1300 672 279 for your quote.

When To Professionally Clean Rugs And Carpeting

When To Professionally Clean Rugs And Carpeting

Commercial cleaning Melbourne office rugs and carpeting is one way to keep your work environment looking and smelling fresh. Carpets require regular cleaning for reasons that may not be obvious just from looking at them. The volume of foot traffic that travels over any rug or carpeting have a tremendous affect on how long they last and when they should be cleaned.

How Often To Clean Them

The general rule of thumb used when office cleaning Melbourne commercial carpeting is once every six months. Daily vacuuming is recommended for normal maintenance but for a thorough shampoo and cleaning hiring a commercial cleaner is best. That’s because only a commercial cleaner has the equipment that can remove deep stains, dirt and grime.

Cleaning Different Types Of Carpet

Another factor to consider is the type of carpeting being used in your office environment. The easy way to look at this is to remember that thicker carpet will take more wear and tear than thinner ones. However, thicker carpeting will require additional work in order to keep it clean. Plus, different colours and patterns may show or hide dirt and stains as well.

Different Colours And Traffic Volumes

This means that lighter coloured carpets will require more cleaning than others. Carpeting used where a lot of people walk will also demand additional attention. The location of the floor covering will play a role in cleaning frequency as well. Offices with high humidity or in damp climates will require extra cleaning to prevent molds or mildew from forming.

The Benefits Of Clean Floor Coverings

One more reason to keep your carpets and rugs clean are the way it makes your office space look. Not only will clean and fresh smelling carpets make your employees and staff feel good about where they work, customers will also benefit. When the floor coverings look clean and new, customers view your business as one that takes care of things.

For Office Cleaning Melbourne Carpets Or Rugs, Call Us!

oscar white® has been commercial cleaning Melbourne office space for several years. We have the heavy duty cleaning equipment that can make your dirty carpeting look like new. For more information, contact us today for a quote on what it will cost for us to keep your office carpets in the best condition possible with a regular commercial cleaning program.

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What’s The Best Way To Clean a Commercial Kitchen?

What’s The Best Way To Clean a Commercial Kitchen?

One of the challenges of commercial cleaning Melbourne food services business locations is the kitchen. There is no doubt that without a well functioning kitchen many restaurants would fail. In fact, when you consider the kitchen as the heart of any business that serves food, you begin to understand the importance of keeping it clean and tidy for maximum productivity.

Here are a few tips to help you with that:

1 – Clean Them Up Quickly

Spills will happen in a kitchen. There’s no way to avoid them and even in the peak hours of a restaurant kitchen spills need immediate attention. Mops, pails and rags or wipes should be available at all times and easy to access. The faster a spill is cleaned up on the floor, counter or cooking surface, the less likely it will become a hazard. A safe kitchen is a good kitchen.

2 – Clean Them Frequently

Even if you are attentive to spills during a normal shift, when things slow down a bit you can also keep the cooking surface and countertops clean. It can be as simple as a generous wipe down or more serious scrubbing in places where foods may have burned. The idea is to try to keep all surfaces clean during the day to make final clean up easier on everyone.

3 – Clean Trays Daily

In any commercial kitchen you will want to focus on the actual cooking appliances. Keeping them as spotless as possible means regular spot cleaning and frequent attention. One item you should ensure is done at the end of each business day is that the grease and/or crumb trays are emptied. Aside from becoming homes for bacteria growth if left for extended periods they can also become fire hazards.

4 – Clean With Proper Tools

When it comes to office cleaning, Melbourne kitchens also require the use the correct cleaning products for the job. In a commercial kitchen you will want to refrain from using any kind of product that can potentially leave behind microscopic scratches or pits in the surfaces you are cleaning as that becomes places where bacteria can grow. Cleaning items to keep out of your kitchen include steel wool, scouring pads, caustic, alkaline and abrasive cleansers.

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Commercial cleaning Melbourne restaurants are just one of the many services we provide at oscar white®. We pride ourselves in leaving clean spaces in our wake. To find out more about our kitchen, office or residential cleaning services, call us today on 1300 OSCARWHITE (1300 672 279)!

Keeping Carparks And Underground Garages Clean

Keeping Carparks And Underground Garages Clean

Commercial cleaning Melbourne business space also includes the area located outside the building. This means outdoor carparks as well as underground or under cover garages. These large areas still need to be kept tidy and in order to do this you have two main options: sweeping or washing.

1 – Sweeping

Parking areas are a fine example where size really does matter. Smaller lots that contain few parking stalls can easily be swept with a hand broom. Medium and large parking areas require a bigger sweeping tool and that’s where a commercial cleaning machine would fit into the picture. These riding sweepers are similar to a riding lawnmower only bigger.

The standard commercial sweeper/scrubber machine will perform multiple functions with each pass. Sweeping tools will move debris to a vacuum inlet that will be powerful enough to pick up many different sizes of trash, dirt and anything else that gets in the way. Scrubbers follow which will scrub the surface just swept and vacuumed leaving the area spotless.

2 – Washing

Sometimes commercial cleaning Melbourne parking lots require a different approach. While sweeping is extremely effective and efficient, if all the garage area requires is a good wash to rid it of dirt and debris build up, your best bet is with a commercial grade power washer. A power washer is a device that applies high pressure to water that is fed into it.

When the water is pressurised, it becomes a powerful stream of water that can peel paint. For cleaning off driveways, sidewalks and parking lots, nothing beats the sheer power that pressurised water can provide. Pressure washing is also effective in removing stains, oil, grease and gum that can collect in both above and underground parking areas.

How Often Should You Clean These Areas?

Parking lots tend to see a fair deal of traffic on a daily basis. If it is located outdoors, it will need more attention than an underground location. Seasonal major cleaning would be a good standard practice. Climate conditions will dictate when additional cleaning would be required. A general tidy up could then be scheduled for weekly or monthly attention.

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As you can see, there is a lot more to office cleaning Melbourne than just indoor work space. If you have a commercial or residential parking lot that requires regular cleaning, contact us at oscar white® for information on how we can sweep or wash away dirt and grime to keep your staff or tenant parking looking its best.

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