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So finally for the first time since the Friday in 2020 when the Grand Prix was canceled and a wave of collective realisation set in that our lives were about to change for a period of time, we can finally see a light is emerging at the end of what has been an anxious and trouble filled tunnel.

We have pivoted into new revenue streams and tried to maintain our existing ones on top of supporting our clients and keep food on the table for our families. It has been and continues to be a time for innovation, new ideas and local community support and spirit. Some of us have successfully navigated a path whilst others have found rough waters.

So as the time ebbs closer for our staff to return to work we must look collectively at ensuring we can provide an environment both mentally and physically that provides a sense of security for our staff and our visiting clients and family to visit, create and do business. This will be essential to a quick return to a thriving economy.

We also must make sure, like in any other situation that we provide a safe working environment by complying with our work-safe requirements and responsibilities.

oscar white® is already working to mitigate infection risk by:

Enhanced Communal Area Cleaning

Sanitising Door handles, Tabletops, Light Switches, Phones, Keyboards, Bathrooms and Kitchens at a much higher frequency will be a continuing focus for our teams on site.

Cleaning Team Safety Measures

The risk of contamination when cleaning is not the same as the risk of a sick person who may be coughing or sneezing. Staff have been informed to avoid touching their face, especially around their mouth, nose and eyes when cleaning.

Staff wear impermeable disposable gloves when cleaning and when appropriate, masks and protective eyewear. Staff have been allocated with alcohol-based hand sanitisers for use before, during and after cleaning services are performed.

Disinfectant Misting

Our newest addition to our armoury is our Disinfectant Mister. Traditionally used in Hospitals and Food Manufacturing it’s now the new normal in the combat against virus infection on all commercial sites.

How does it work?

Firstly nothing replaces a manual deep clean of surfaces. Spraying a mist over dirty surfaces will have minimal effect is almost useless.

So the first step is a manual deep clean & disinfection of any site with an attention to common surfaces (already mentioned) such as telephones, keyboards, doors, door handles, monitors etc.

After this is completed the Disinfectant Mist is ready to do its best work.

Our team walk through your site with a device (think 80’s rock video smoke machine) that sprays an ultra fine disinfectant mist that touches every surface on site and lasts up to a month.

This is a completely safe process. There is no danger to any human, surface or electronics and no leftover film. It's ready to return to the site as normal half an hour after the procedure is complete.

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