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Cleaning Hints & Tips From The Insiders

Guide to Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Keyboard

Guide to Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Keyboard

Have you ever wondered why some of your co-workers get sick at the office? It isn’t always because of germs floating in and around the space brought into the work environment by others. Sometimes it is a direct result of the tools you use in your workplace. When commercial cleaning Melbourne offices one spot that often requires extra attention is computer keyboards.

Studies have been conducted when office cleaning Melbourne workspaces that have revealed the average computer keyboard can contain more bacteria than any of the toilet seats in the staff washroom. In fact, when you consider many workers choose to eat in their cubicle, the level of food poisoning bacteria that exists in and on a keyboard is staggering.

That’s why we have put together this quick cleaning guide.

1 - Shut ‘Er Down

A simple wipe with a damp cloth won’t get the crud buried deep inside your keyboard so in order to get it you first must shut down your computer. It’s a good idea to schedule a regular cleaning so you don’t have partial projects that may be affected with a shutdown midday.

2 - Shake ‘Er Up

Once the computer is shut down, disconnect the keyboard. The goal here is to remove the easy bits o’ stuff such as crumbs and other debris that has not worked itself deeper into your keyboard. You can get rid of these things by flipping over the keyboard and shaking it.

3 – Break ‘Er Down

Your next step is to remove the keys. You may be able to pop them off individually or as a complete set. Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual for exactly how to do that. Once the keys are off, wipe each of them down with a disinfectant wipe.

4 – Blow ‘Er Up

With the keys and/or keypad removed, you now have access to the place where all the real nasty germs hide. First blast it with shots from a can of compressed air then wipe down with a disinfectant cloth to remove the remaining gunk. After everything dries, snap the keys or keypad back in place, reconnect to the computer, reboot and carry on.

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oscar white® has been office cleaning Melbourne since 2006. We have seen a lot of dirty computer keyboards, monitors and towers during an average work week. We have the ways and means to keep your office clean which will improve the productivity of those who work there at computers all day long. For a quote on our many cleaning services, call oscar white® today on 1300 OSCARWHITE (1300 672 279).

What’s Lurking In Your Office Carpet?

What’s Lurking In Your Office Carpet?

There is something interesting that comes from office cleaning Melbourne office space on a regular basis. You tend to pick up on patterns. The patterns that stand out are usually related to how a workspace is used. For example, lunch rooms don’t have carpeting because they would get pretty dirty on an average day. But what about the carpet elsewhere in the office? Let’s take a look at what lives inside that nice and comfortable floor covering near your desk.

1 – It’s Crumby But True

If you eat anywhere inside your office cubicle there is a risk of a spill of some kind. Even if you follow a strict ‘no drinks’ policy there is still going to be crumbs and assorted other food particles that will find their way to the carpet. Left alone they will grow bacteria and create odours that can only be removed when commercial cleaning Melbourne offices professionally.

2 – Break The Mould

When a spill of some kind gets cleaned up right away it will prevent a carpet from becoming stained. However, without a thorough, deep cleaning mildew and mould can form underneath the carpet. Warm and wet environments are best for this so that cup of coffee that was spilled and cleaned up last week is still brewing up something nasty inside the lower level of the carpet.

3 – Bringing The Outside In

Shoes and boots are great at tracking in all kinds of things from outside the office. This includes dirt, grime and just about anything else you’ve stepped in from the parking lot to the elevator. Even if you wipe your feet you are still transporting various kinds of hitchhikers.

4 – Tiny Little Parties

Probably the most interesting of the items that can live inside your carpet are the tiny little bugs and creatures that make up communities that network from one part of the carpet to another. These microscopic dust mites, fleas and other critters are probably what trigger allergic reactions with some of the office staff. When office cleaning Melbourne commercial space, this is an important reason to give the carpet a complete cleaning.

We Can Get Into Your Carpet

oscar white® has been office cleaning Melbourne for years. There isn’t a carpet stain we haven’t seen, or cleaned up. Our commercial cleaning equipment can get to the bottom of your carpet and pull out anything lurking within. When you have our team cleaning your office space we do more than just scratch the surface. Contact oscar white® today for more information. Call us on 1300 OSCARWHITE (1300 672 279)

Managing Pest Control In The Cooler Months

Managing Pest Control In The Cooler Months

As it cools down in the lead up to winter office cleaning Melbourne commercial buildings requires a little more effort. That’s because pests will be turning to the warmth and moisture of the average indoor dwelling for refuge. However, there are many ways to prevent critters from moving inside and invading your office space. Here are a few tips to help you be prepared.

1 – Take Out The Trash

Not only does a tidy trash and recycling corner look visually appealing to anyone working in the office space, it has another advantage. It reduces the likelihood of a pest infestation. With food scraps and other goodies taken away from the work area each day, the invitation for pests to move in is gone. Daily removal of trash will do the trick in this case as well as reducing the recycling pile to deter pests.

2 – Wipe Up In The Kitchen

One trick to keeping pests out of an office setting is to keep the staff room and kitchen areas clean. Anywhere food is prepared, stored or consumed there is a chance of spills or the accumulation of snack crumbs. These are open invites to cockroaches, fruit flies and other insects you don’t want in your office. With proper ventilation, moisture buildup is reduced, removing the possibility of an infestation.

3 – The Cleaner The Desk...

Commercial cleaning Melbourne office space also means keeping your personal work area clean. Don’t leave food in drawers “for later” and do your best to de-clutter as often as you can. A messy desk is a great hiding place for all kinds of insects and pests. When you keep it tidy they have nowhere to move in and get comfortable. Plus, there is an added bonus to keeping your workspace clean – it reduces the chance of you getting sick from germs and viruses that may be carried by pests that could take up residence in your desk if it was not cleaned.

For Assistance With Commercial Cleaning, Melbourne... Call Us

oscar white® has been office cleaning Melbourne since 2006. We know the signs to watch out for when the seasons change and critters start looking for a warm place to go. Usually that ends up being inside a large corporate building. Keep pests away by keeping your workplace clean. For more information on how we can be of assistance, call us today on 1300 OSCARWHITE (1300 672 279).

Yuk! The Dirty Things You Touch Daily

Yuk! The Dirty Things You Touch Daily

It barely matters how often you wash your hands, shower or use sanitiser because you come in contact daily with a world of germs. Like it or not, you touch things during your normal activities that are a germaphobes worse nightmare. Let’s take a look at some of them now!

1 – Grocery Shopping Carts

Here’s a thought. Imagine every possible dirty, grimy, slimy and germ infested surface or item that you can. Once you get a picture of this, remember hands that have come in contact with that cesspool of bacteria have also touched other things. This includes the handle of the grocery shopping cart you are pushing up and down the aisle of your favourite store.

2 – Kitchen Sponge

So, what could possibly be the problem with the one tool you rely on to wipe food particles off of plates, dishes and all other eating utensils? It contains the perfect environment for germs to grow and live. The average kitchen sponge spends most of its time wet or damp. Each is made with a bazillion micro crevices that become teeny tiny bacteria apartments.

3 – Computer Keyboard

When commercial cleaning Melbourne office spaces we see this on a regular basis. The computer workstation is often a place where you live the bulk of your work hours. This means drinks, lunch, snacks and whatever else you consume in front of the flickering screen will eventually end up on and in your keyboard. It starts with crumbs and grows to bacteria.

4 – Money

This is another one we have seen a lot of when office cleaning Melbourne businesses. Each and every piece of paper money and coinage you touch in a day holds on to bacteria collected from everyone else who has touched it before you. Consider money a travelling collection of more than just fingerprints and you’ll want to start wearing disposable gloves when you are looking for change.

Office Cleaning Melbourne One Business At A Time

At oscar white®, we know the hidden secrets of germs and have the specialised tools to hunt them down and destroy them. To give your dirtiest surfaces a professional cleaning, look to us. Commercial cleaning Melbourne for years – contact us at oscar white today on 1300 OSCARWHITE (1300 672 279) to find out how we can wipe out the germs living in and around you at home or work environment.

Where do Germs hide in your office?

Where do Germs hide in your office?

Germs are everywhere and are one of the reasons why office workers get sick on the job. Commercial cleaning Melbourne office space does a great job in reducing the risk of illness by keeping work areas clean. But in order to be effective in this battle against bacteria, more than a light dusting and vacuuming of the rugs will get the job done.

Here is a look at the top five places germs hide in your office:

1 – Computer Keyboard/Mouse

Scientists have determined that there are up to 21-thousand germs per square inch on your computer keyboard and mouse. In comparison, the office toilet seat will have far fewer germs, believe it or not. The tendency to snack in front of the computer is the main cause which leaves food particles in places where germs grow and spread.

2 – Copy That

If you ever considered how many people have touched the keypad on the photocopy machine today, you’ll get an idea of where we are going with this. Office cleaning in Melbourne should include surfaces of the copy machine with emphasis on the ‘copy’ button and all other setting buttons. They are breeding grounds for germs.

3 – The Desk

This ‘private’ flat work surface is touched by much more than you in an average day. In addition to your activities, anyone who pops into your workspace to visit or a dropped off document or package will at one point come in contact with your desktop. The microscopic traffic transferred from this kind of contact is far more than what you can imagine.

4 – Telephone

Because the phone is held so close to the face, a lot of bacteria can transfer from an individual to the surface of a headset or receiver. If those germs are from someone who is sick, they can easily infect someone else just because of how the instrument is used. Commercial cleaning Melbourne office phones are a must to keep the risk of illness at bay.

5 – Shared Items

The most likely place the majority of germs in your office will be hiding in or around is any item or location where more than one person comes in contact with it. This includes lobbies, conference rooms, staff rooms, handheld remotes, elevators, hallways, washrooms and anywhere else you have been with someone else.

For Commercial & Office Cleaning Services Melbourne Contact Us!

oscar white® has been a fierce fighter in the war against germs and bacteria in offices throughout the Melbourne CBD. To find out how we can destroy the growth and spread of these troublesome pests, call oscar white® today.

Call direct on 1300 OSCARWHITE (1300 672 279)

Why you should clean your office ceiling and vents

Why you should clean your office ceiling and vents

Air quality is always an issue in places where groups of people gather. This is why the environment inside an office requires regular attention. When it comes to office cleaning Melbourne professional buildings it is easy to see why even in a controlled setting, ceilings and vents should be included as part of a normal maintenance schedule.

Here’s why:

Think of your office building as a sealed environment. It will not have the same kinds of airborne particulates as will be floating around outside in the parking lot or street. Because the ventilation system inside your building should be filtering any air being exchanged from outdoors to indoors, the vents will get dirty.

Depending on the climate, these vents can also become damp and develop mold. Poor air quality resulting from this will have an overall affect on the health and wellbeing of those subjected to the air. Some may become sick, others can experience declines in productivity. When productivity is affected, your business suffers.

How To Prevent This From Happening

Commercial cleaning Melbourne office space is the quick answer. However, in order to maintain peak production, you must first identify the problem. Old, outdated or faulty air conditioning and heating systems should be repaired or replaced. Ducting should also be examined and any leaks or damage should be fixed.

Regular maintenance of an office air/heat system is the next step. A complete cleaning of an indoor air conditioning and ventilation system should be completed quarterly at the very least. For busier office spaces with more ‘people traffic’ the systems will require more frequent cleaning.

Ceilings contribute to the air quality of any building and as a result, they require cleaning. This is especially true of sections of ceilings closely located to vents. Vacuuming of the ceiling is effective in reducing air quality issues and can be done as part of a weekly cleaning schedule. Stained ceiling panels may hide mold or bacteria and must be replaced as soon as possible.

For Office Cleaning Melbourne Ceilings and Ducts…Call Us

oscar white® has been commercial cleaning Melbourne buildings for several years. We know how a poorly functioning and dirty air conditioning/heating system can impact those working in such an environment. For more information on how we can keep your office space clean and productive, contact us at oscar white® today on 1300 OSCARWHITE (1300 672 279).

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